What has TSEV Been up to and What are Micro-EV’s?

We’d like to apologize to our readers for not updating the news blog in a very long time. We normally do a Taipei Cycle, China Cycle, and Interbike blog post. However, while in 2015 we did attend these shows, we have just been too busy this year to do a lot posts. When we are working China, updating any western website can always prove to be challenging even with a VPN. Also, we have upgraded the Changzhou, CN office for the first time in 3+ years to a 1400 sq. feet office, which is really exciting for us!

Traditionally, e-bikes have fallen under the category of “Light Electric Vehicle” or LEV. This term has been popular since the Wave Crest e-bike days and we’ve always found it a little confusing. Internationally, LEV stands for “Low Emission Vehicle” and is primarily used to denote special green car lanes on the highway.

LEVNow there’s a new breed of smaller, more compact EV’s coming to market that is efficient, ultra-compact and lightweight. These are smaller than a folding e-bike, usually don’t have bicycle drive trains and can be as small as a moving bathroom scale.

walkcar from www.cocoamotors.com

We like to call this category “Micro-EV” (if you have a better name for the category, please send us a message.) This category primarily includes ride-on electric scooters, electric skateboards, e-Golf boards, e-Hoverboards (for lack of a better term) and mini-Segway clones. This category seems to be big with the millennial generation, is geared toward last mile commutes and urban apartment dwellers.

Custom Micro-EV’s have taken off for us and it’s really an exciting category as we have so much history working with electric mobility products.

We have shifted our focus away from “low-cost consumer based e-bikes” to Micro-EV’s, e-Cargo, Delivery e-bikes, Rental e-bikes, Fleet Bikes & Tandems, e-Mobility Products and e-Kits. We are not turning away any new concept e-bike designs; only we feel there is no future stateside in traditional low cost e-bikes with a bloated market share.

We are also not pursuing the low-cost “Hoverboard” trend either, as there are just too many cheap copies out in the market. While talking to Eric Hick’s from www.electricbike.com at Interbike 2015, Eric believes Hoverboards could very well be outselling e-bikes in the USA by 5:1 and he thinks the sales trend will peak during the 2015 Holiday Season.

Hoverboard_Micro-EVIt’s an exciting time for the Micro-EV and cheap Hoverboard sales may help boost the stagnant e-bike sales market in the US.

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  1. topsecretev March 2, 2017 at 7:25 pm #

    Tech news site http://www.theverge.com coined the term “Electric Rideables” to encompass the category of “Micro-EV’s.”

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