Where e-bike Wires Come From???

So often many e-bike OEM’s focus on the components but often forget about the wires and connectors. Most component failures of OEM e-bikes are due to bad or weak connections and/ or water moisture.

I had the luxury of touring a wire factory with a new focus on e-bike water tight connectors for signal cables. Some of the new designs feature quick release cabling for; brake, throttle, and display. The composition consists of audio style, gold covered, 3.5mm -5V headphone jacks. Junction molded “Y connectors” ensure a clean and tidy professional look. These actually are very time tested, cheap to implement into a design, and are surprisingly perfect for this this application. Available in any color under the sun (even two tone) if the minimum is worthy.

Custom molded QR e-bike wire harness using audio technology
Molding machine for custom wire ends

Some other exciting advancements are nylon cable braiding right onto the cable itself to protect the inner PVC/ copper core and add rigidity. This is available in any single color or 2 tone.

Two tone nylon braiding wrap with 2 tone connector sample

The nylon braiding looks clean and helps add an additional layer of chaffing resistance.

Nylon braiding wrap in silver/ grey color

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