The Metropolis Planetary Transmission (2 Speed crank) by FSA

If you have ever worked with a well seasoned bike mechanic, they will often refer to FSA parts as;

“FSA” short for “Faulty Shifting Apparatus.”

Not true! for their urban Metropolis line made exclusively in Taiwan. A very cool line up of a custom stem, a cool handlebar, and a few specialized cranksets.

The Metropolis Planetary Transmission is a freewheeling crankset that is equipped with 2 internalized gears all hidden within the front crank.

Metropolis Planetary Transmission_1
Metropolis Planetary Transmission
Metropolis Planetary Transmission_2
2 speeds hidden in the crank

I have always considered a front derailleur to be primitive technology and take them off my city bikes (motorized or not.) Many people always debate over how many speeds a good e-bike should have. This next generation front 2 speed drivetrain option could prove to the holy grail for e-bikes.

Imagine taking a 7 speed or 8 speed e-bike hub motor coupling it with the Metropolis Planetary Transmission and now you would have a clean 14~16 speed e-bike. Clean, lightweight, and slightly techie for the e-bike crowd.

Available in bike chain or Gates center track belt versions. The sales rep said it can not be used in a fixed gear type application.

Metropolis Planetary Transmission_3
Belt or chain options available

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2 Responses to “The Metropolis Planetary Transmission (2 Speed crank) by FSA”

  1. Ross October 18, 2015 at 3:32 pm #

    I’m looking for a small 2 speed gear box that can handle 40 HP, best if I can put it inside a pulley of approximately 4-6″ Diameter and perhaps 4-6″ Wide
    Can U help?

  2. topsecretev November 28, 2015 at 8:52 pm #

    Hi Ross,

    Unfortunately 40HP is more than we usually deal with. That is more motorsports grade type parts. I’d suggest asking a motorsports vendor.

    Best of luck,


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