Taipei Cycle Show 2012 -The LEV highlights!

After 25 years of exhibition the Taipei Cycle Show has grown a little predictable. There are a lot of well established companies exhibiting, and quite frankly many companies are afraid to take public risks in fear of plagiarism.

The LEV exhibit area appears to be shrinking as more and more traditional cycle companies all seem to have their own “e” offerings. Also, the show decided to start a smaller exhibition (about 30 minutes drive away near Taipei 101 building,) with more known brands like Porta-Power and Ultra Motor TW exhibiting there. To me this separate area didn’t make sense, but was glad we visited.

We tend to find more new and random LEV items at China Cycle coming up in about a month.

Here are some cool new things;

One of the coolest bikes shown was by far the Dutch ID Longtail Cargo bike powered by Bosch. Simple and it works, we have always had a soft spot for the longtail e-cargo bike.

Dutch ID Cargo Longtail E-bike

From the JoyTech Hub Co. comes a new e-bike propulsion line Dienatronic, exhibiting a new 250watt, direct drive, cassette and disc ready motor.

This looks very promising, but those guys are going to have to crank the watts up to at least 350watts and cut the price in half before we will consider using this! Overall a good first pass…..
New JoyTech/ Dienatronic Direct Drive Motor

Another hub motor that looks promising is from “Dapu” with their new 350watt geared, cassette and disc ready motor. They claim the motor can be over-clocked to 500watts, but I have my reservation about that, considering it is such a small footprint. The motor is Japanese engineered, so we won’t know until we run it through ringer personally. The price is reasonable and casette/ disc spacing is well inline with normal western standards. If this motor fairs well in our tests, I can see this being a nice alternative to a 350 watt Bafang BPM motor.

Dapu is most known for 180~250watt torque sensor systems for the Japanese market but is looking to expand their horizons this year. We will keep you posted when we test the new sample motor after China Cycle in May.
Dapu 350 watt geared cassette and disc ready motor

For the edgy geeky bike parts, who can resist an antiqued copper plated crank set from Prowheel? We love anything antiqued or copper plated. Although Lasco cranks are still the best! Go Cranky Sisters!


Prowheel copper cranks

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