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Affordable Production Model Geared Hub Motors over 1000-watts?

Go on any e-bike forum and you will find countless numbers of e-bike enthusiasts “over-volting” geared hub motors to massive wattages. However, in our world of delivering container loads of safe, reliable and consistently low warranty products, we just don’t have that luxury… Most 5:1 reduction BPM’s are rated at 500-750 watts nominal and can […]

Interbike 2014 Parts and Updates from Top Secret EV

Normally we would write a lot about new American e-bike designs in this Interbike blog post. However, nowadays mostly just well established European e-bike companies are making the sales transition stateside. These days we see less Americans creating e-bike start-up companies. The biggest all American contributions were from Biruni e-bikes with a dual battery mount […]