Summer 2014 e-bike Parts and Industry Advancement Updates

Sorry for the late update, this is mostly a recap of Taipei cycle 2014 and China cycle Show 2014. Our staff has been in China most of the Spring/ Summer season where updating anything web related can prove to be very challenging…

These days there are 2 major camps for e-bike battery placement. Yes the carrier rack battery is a dying breed (the CG is just too high.)

1) inside the downtube (think Stromer and Daivelo.) Has obvious lower center of gravity advantages.

2) like Bosch type mounted on top of the downtube. About 4 years ago it was all about hiding the battery, but Bosch has done a good job of flaunting the battery design on top of the downtube. Sure, the dolphin/ bullet design has used this mount for about 4+ years, but it is just not that sleek of a design aesthetic.

At China Cycle there was an abundance of new affordable battery in-the-tube designs for both 36v and 48v (despite some obvious patent issues.)


Finally, the thumb throttle we have been waiting for for almost a decade! The biggest e-bike throttle maker has just released a paddle, left hand, thumb throttle. The style matches well to the right side Shimano, SRAM, and Microshift thumb paddle/ trigger shifters.


ASI the famous Canadian e-bike controller maker has just released a lower cost Sinewave controller potted in silicone anti-shock gel. Gone is the outer metal case, just the cast silicone potting material surrounding the controller PCB. Finally, a high quality Sinewave controller that is easily programmable in English. ASI’s controller is known to make even a mediocre hub motor run quieter and shine.


Some new and affordable IP65 rated threaded QR connectors are coming to market. Press fit e-bike connectors work well but when loading an e-bike into a car, bus or train; a rider can easily pull press fit connectors apart by accident. Sometimes making your e-bike appear to be broken till the open connection is traced and fixed.


Press fit “all-in-one wire” harnesses are getting more compact. These used to be massive and bulky but are slimming down now.


The first Wifi P2P wireless mobile phone controls & displays are starting to trickle into the market. A couple of years ago it was all about Bluetooth displays but we think now the push is towards Wifi P2P because the signal is stronger and more stable.


The Zehus/ FlyKly wheel is by far the nicest all-in-one e-bike wheel we have ever tried. We think Zehus has done leaps and bounds over the other all-in-one e-bike wheel kits (in a quarter of the time and with much less publicity.) Hats off to the Zehus team for designing a viable, market ready all-in-one. Don’t expect this to be a huge hill climber, or cargo bike powerhouse motor, but for the average rider that lives in a flat urban or beach environment this is a good alternative.


Finally, we are testing a 48v/ 750watt geared hubmotor the size of a 250watt Bafang geared hub motor. The secret is in the helical cut “double reduction” planet gear. Helical cut gears mesh quietly together with less force, less noise, and less heat than normal spur/ straight gears. Then, bringing in the location of where the secondary stage of planets meet the ring gear, greatly reduces the size of the hub-shell.


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