One Throttle Maker to Rule Them All!

Look in any major city that has share drop-scooters and the one thing all of these scooters have in common is they all use the same throttle maker.

A lot of value in this throttle with screen printing and silicone insert

Unlike e-bike thumb throttles mostly all made by Wuxing (Star Union) these new scooter throttles are tougher, have silicone grip inserts, use more sophisticated internal bar cable routing and all rotate upon their own access, meaning no major protruding swing parts to break off when dropped.

Stop & Go throttles (Ninebot type)
Stop & Go throttles (Xiaomi type)
ebrake & acceleration electric throttle set

All hoverboards and now e-kickscooters sold or rented in the USA must pass the UL2272 test, which includes multiple drop tests. Most e-bike Wuxing thumb throttles have protruding parts that will easily break when dropped.

We had the pleasure of vetting this factory for a customer and we were shocked how many throttles they were turning out (about 3000~10,000 throttles a day of the same throttle.) The cost to quality ratio was good and we would definitely like to work with this maker in the near future.

Throttle drain test, among other QC/ QA tests

We would probably suggest upgrading the standard connector to a waterproof QR connector and adding glue here to raise from IP54 to IP55.

Still hunting for these silicone wrapped button throttles, any readers have a factory lead?

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