Taipei Cycle Show 2012 -The LEV highlights!

After 25 years of exhibition the Taipei Cycle Show has grown a little predictable. There are a lot of well established companies exhibiting, and quite frankly many companies are afraid to take public risks in fear of plagiarism. The LEV exhibit area appears to be shrinking as more and more traditional cycle companies all seem to have their own “e” offerings. Also, the show decided to […]

All Battery Backs are Not Created Equal, You Get What You Pay For….

An LEV battery pack is just that, a pack or collection of cells usually lithium-ion manganese in chemistry. The cell types for light electric vehicles generally come in 3 cell types. Laptop size 18650, thin li-polymer foil layers, or larger prismatic rectangles. We prefer the more name brand-name Panasonic, Sony, LG and Samsung 18650 cells for reliability, stable […]