Using Force Sensing Resistors (FSR’s) as a Replacement for a Throttle

After visiting many sports equipment factories we had the idea of an electronic bike grip that doubles as a pressure sensitive e-bike throttle. Similar technology exists on treadmills in the form of conductive rubber pressure sensors (no not the metal pulse sensors, the other safety fall sensors.) The idea is sort of the opposite of […]

Electric Rideables – Last Mile Solution vs. First Mile Solution

The tech news blog “The Verge” recently coined the term “Electric Rideables”  or just “Rideables” for short and it seems to have stuck with a few other large news sites. Personally, we still prefer the term “Micro-EV” as it encompasses products like; ride-on electric scooters, electric skateboards, electric golf boards, one wheels, hoverboards and mini-Segway […]

Affordable Production Model Geared Hub Motors over 1000-watts?

Go on any e-bike forum and you will find countless numbers of e-bike enthusiasts “over-volting” geared hub motors to massive wattages. However, in our world of delivering container loads of safe, reliable and consistently low warranty products, we just don’t have that luxury… Most 5:1 reduction BPM’s are rated at 500-750 watts nominal and can […]