R.I.P. Bart Kylstra (1966~2018) -Friend, Colleague and Humanitarian

I began working with Bart Kylstra at Daedalus Wings (later to be named Rio Mobility) in early 2006. Bart had secured design funding from the NIH and NSF for multiple mobility project ideas that ranged from handcycles to lightweight power wheelchairs all the way up to a wheelchair lever drive system. Having some manufacturing and […]

Designing a Waterproof or Submersible Electric Vehicle Propulsion System

The term “waterproof” is very open to interpretation much like the word “natural” is in the food industry. Luckily the IPXX rating system was created to set a standard for Ingress Protection. The first number 1-6 is the degree of protection against dust/ solids and the second number 1-8 is the degree of protection against […]