New e-bike Items to Test Summer 2012…

Some exciting times in the e-bike world now!!!

A new 750+ watt direct drive motor with ample disc spacing and a 7~9 speed freehub cassette body. Honeywell hall sensors and a reasonable price tag. Spacing is western standard OLN 135mm. The hub shell is cast and then CNC machined. Inserts are steel and bolted in. On Rev II of the sample the motor wires will exit mid-axle instead of the axle end. Available in any custom color we have our sights set on white, and red color. A very enticing price tag could make this motor an industry leader very quickly.

750 watt hubmotor2
750 watt direct drive w/ freehub cassette body
750 watt hubmotor
750 watt direct drive w/ proper disc caliper spacing

Also a new mini 350 watt geared hub motor with Sine-wave technology controller. Uses Japanese hall sensors, thread in ring gear and powder coat paint. Freehub cassette or freewheel option available and also has great disc caliper spacing.

Dapu 350 hubshell2
350 watt geared motor features freehub cassette option
Dapu 350 hubshell
 350 watt geared motor with proper disc caliper spacing

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