Machine Wound e-Bike & e-Scooter Motors from China

When we worked at Ultra Motor/ TDCM about 8 years ago, the big claim to fame was “our company owns the motor factory that machine winds the Bionx motors.” TDCM was famous for machine wound LEV motors, basically taking copper wire and wrapping it more precisely around the stator’s tooth via machine. The Lead Engineer would say a machine wound motor is faster to produce, is more precise, has better life expectancy and operates at a higher efficiency. You get the same motor on Tuesday as you would on a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon. What the Lead Engineer was referring to was, each stator’s tooth having the same pull tension and the same length of copper wire wrap per coil.




When a lot of the e-bike production moved to China, we were shocked to see all hand wound motors. Basically, high paid skilled workers counting the number of copper wire windings around a tooth, while trying to pull an even tension on every pass. This is a hard labor job in China and these workers (usually with taped-up bloody fingers) can make as much or more than welders.


Just as rising labor costs lead Taiwan to machine wind motors 10 years ago, we can see a similar trend now in the Shanghai area. We have managed to source and start a purchasing relationship with one of the biggest machine winding LEV motor makers in China. The factory runs 24 hours a day churning out very high quality motors for e-bikes, e-scooters, Micro-EV’s and electric skateboards.

We look forward to developing new machine wound, highly efficient motors in China.

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