Interbike 2014 Parts and Updates from Top Secret EV

Normally we would write a lot about new American e-bike designs in this Interbike blog post. However, nowadays mostly just well established European e-bike companies are making the sales transition stateside. These days we see less Americans creating e-bike start-up companies. The biggest all American contributions were from Biruni e-bikes with a dual battery mount cargo e-bike the Odyssey.

 Now onto the small bits:

-Tektro TRP Spyke dual-pull disc brake caliper: this has to be the best mechanical dual pull caliper we have ever tried. The kingship of the SRAM BB7 is now officially over. Very short cable pull modulation, doesn’t lock up, and both pads can be adjusted on either side with a 3mm Allen wrench. We have noticed when using a 140mm or 160mm rotor, you either have to dish the wheel over or add disc rotor shims to help spoke clearance. This can be avoided altogether by using a 180mm rotor.


-Bengal mechanical disc brakes: the most prized disc brake caliper and rotor in the tandem industry. They feature the thickest bike rotor in the industry thus reducing heat on hills and when hauling a heavy load. Most bike disc rotors are 1.8mm~2.2mm thick, while the Bengal rotor is over 2.5mm thick.


-Sturmey Archer (new) 5 speed internal-gear hub: this is available standalone or inserted into the new TDCM motor to give us a 5 speed rear hub motor. This hub is tandem and cargo bike rated. It as designed to shift under-load and uses the hub rotatory style shift mechanism (no more chain pull shifting.) For those of you who do not know; TDCM makes the motors for Bionx, A2B, and Stromer. We are very excited to try this as a stand alone hub for a mid-drive systems and inside the new TDCM hub motor.



-Touchless dynamo bike light: this new dynamo contains no batteries and is not dependent on friction scrub like most dynamos. Basically, you peel and stick 4 magnets to your disc rotor and the bike light is mounted to the wheel axle. As the magnets spin, the light’s capacitor is induction charged and powers up the LED lights. Genius, we can’t wait to get a sample in for testing!


-Universal bike lock holder: mounted in the rear rack. We have designed a few of these to fit a specific lock (no noise or rattle) but we never thought to make a universal fit like shown below. Very well done!


-Duro slick semi-fat tire: we used this tire about 2.5 years ago on a design and will use this again on a new e-bike design this year. This tire comes in 20″, 24″ & 26″ sizes, but the beauty is in the tire width measuring 3.5″ wide. The perfect urban e-bike tire.


-Kid’s fat tire bikes: will this fat tire trend ever end? Now 4″ fat tires are available in 20″ & 24″ kid’s sizes, should you feel the need to keep this trend alive any longer.


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  1. Jim June 10, 2020 at 5:01 am #

    Can I get the Douro Slick foe a 26” X 2.1” bicycle tire?
    Thank you


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