Interbike 2012 -The Technical e-bike Highlights….

We are not an e-bike blog per say, so when we go to Interbike we are usually one of the only American bike Product Managers that troll Taiwan and China row booths for hours on end. Most people see nuts and bolts from a random Asian companies, where we see potential…..

For the most part, all the full-time e-bike bloggers said 2013 was the year of the e-bike at Interbike. We have to disagree, there where a few more high-end e-bikes, and less off-the-shelf (low-step/ low speed) crap, but really it was about the same as past years (meaning room for more growth potential.) We did a see a few more motor companies like; Niconia, MXUS, Falco Motors, and Ego-Kits to name a few…. Also, a few more battery packers like; Greenway and AllCell, etc….

Ego_kits very new take on an old idea, had a Cyclone e-bike kit like this back in 2003, geared motor coupled with chain drive = noise. Also, everything pulls from one side so it has a lot of flex in the frame, albeit it offers some serious torque

The Smart e-bike (made by Grace) in Bionx’s booth is of course a beautiful work of art and sure we’d like to own one, if the price would come down.

Currie had about 3~5 new high end brands in the booth which begs the question of service from 3~5 new and different companies. We hope they can pull it off and carry enough replacement parts to service all the new models….

BH e-Motion and the BMC/ Stromer booths were packed and the people have spoken. They want a clean e-bike that looks and acts like a bike and are willing to pay for it.

Stromer e-bike using the Shimano Sora Gruppo which is traditionally reserved for entry level road bikes. Let’s see how well they hold up on e-bikes, I hope it works out, because it is a good alternative Gruppo.
e-bike _thumb_throttle
The TW Ideation e-bike thumb throttle, very old tooling dating back 10 years. Still one of the best thumb throttles around, just very expensive!
Dia-Compe e-bike brake lever available soon in magnetic Reed switch
Got schooled in the different crank finishes available. I didn’t know you can chrome over aluminum cranks?
Fat tire bikes
Fat tire bikes, the most over done style at the show, counted about 20 different models on the floor of varying quality
Newcomer Biruni Motorbikes had the most original e-Cargo design at the show by far!

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  1. David Webster December 27, 2013 at 3:27 am #

    Regarding the Fattire Mnt Bike….call it what you want, but if the there is a market for it, companies will explore and exploit it. This is fast becoming a different segment, so it is what is.

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