How to Conceal an e-bike Kit (almost completely!)

OK so if you are like us and live in a hilly area (San Francisco, Ca) and can use an extra boost without wanting to receive “cheater ” flack from fixed gear bike messengers, this is the post for you!

We have developed an e-bike pannier kit for concealing an e-bike kit almost completely. The controller resides in a vented seat bag with room for wires to channel up into it.


The battery hides away discreetly at the bottom of the pannier bag with a false bottom so there is still room for extra cargo storage. Battery security is achieved by a seatpost tether wire attached to the battery and loops into the bicycle U-lock when locking your bike to a pole.


Through the use of an all-in-one control wire and quick release couplings gone are the days of what we like to call e-bike wire noodles. Instead we have 3 simple wires routing to the controller (handlebar controller wire, battery lead wire, and motor wire.) An optional torque sensor wire can be added for BB torque sensors.

Don’t use zip wire ties as they scuff paint over time and they look awful. We have been using VELCRO® One-Wrap® for years and it was designed for marine applications so vibrations actually make the bond more strong. better yet it is removable and doesn’t scuff paint. Also it comes in variety of colors but we prefer black.


This could be an incognito answer to folks who live in heavily regulated e-bike areas like Hawaii, New York, and New Jersey.

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