Has Anyone Seen This “Handlebar Brace Bike Light” Being Sold?

About 10 years ago we saw a handlebar brace bracket with a built in LED bike light. The one side of the clamp was machined with a threaded end cap; this allowed 3pcs of AAA batteries to discreetly fit inside the handlebar brace tube. A genius way to have bike lights hidden discreetly (out of harms way) and also make them theft resistant.

Handlebar brace with built in LED light, runs on AAA batteries

It was a folding bike store and this might have been a custom lit handlebar brace for a pair of Brompton folding bike handlebars.

The technology for LED bike lights was ancient 10 years ago with the only available option being large jumbo size LED diodes. We now have super bright LED strip lights that would make a product like this really stand out in the market place today.

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