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Designing a Waterproof or Submersible Electric Vehicle Propulsion System

The term “waterproof” is very open to interpretation much like the word “natural” is in the food industry. Luckily the IPXX rating system was created to set a standard for Ingress Protection. The first number 1-6 is the degree of protection against dust/ solids and the second number 1-8 is the degree of protection against […]

Interbike 2014 Parts and Updates from Top Secret EV

Normally we would write a lot about new American e-bike designs in this Interbike blog post. However, nowadays mostly just well established European e-bike companies are making the sales transition stateside. These days we see less Americans creating e-bike start-up companies. The biggest all American contributions were from Biruni e-bikes with a dual battery mount […]

Taipei Cycle & China Cycle Show 2013 -The Technical e-bike Highlights

Sorry for the late post, but our team was in Asia for 2 months working on projects! -Biggest bike industry wide trend: European and American orders have slowed down, and the Chinese Domestic “mountain bike” and “fixed gear” bike market is very hot! Primarily fueled by Giant and Merida brands, this trend is growing for […]