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Are We On the Verge of the Next e-Kickscooter Movement?

Many people often forget that e-bike popularity and technology originated from the e-kickscooter market. The e-kickscooter market started about 1998 with the emergence of Badsey, Zap, Currie Tech, HFC and JD/ Viza Razor (to name a few.) The technology was loosely based on existing electric wheelchair and mobility scooter tech of that era; -Loud, brushed, […]

California Govenor Approved an Amendment to CA Assembly Bill No. 2173 (section 406) for e-Mopeds

California Governor Jerry Brown approved an amendment to CA Assembly Bill No. 2173 (section 406) and was filed on June 25th, 2014. So what does that have to do with electric bikes? Nothing, they stay the same on California DMV governed roadways. However, if you are into electric mopeds in California, the Horsepower output […]