Why Top Secret EV?

The Electric Vehicle market is an emerging market and one of the fastest growing too. As such, there is an abundance of misinformation, back door deals, and industry gossip. We strive to avoid all these pretenses while giving you the best quality product at the best price.

We do not have any financial interests with the factories we deal with and we work only for you! Your information and business practices are kept “Top Secret” and are never revealed.

Who is Top Secret EV?    

A collection of industry leaders brought together to help guide your business from product ideation through to sales and service support. Purchasing a container load is more than just a factory introduction and picking a product from a factory’s showroom floor. EV production is a very involved process and if done right, will ensure brand differentiation and marketplace success.

Jeremy Kiefer (Founder/ CEO) -Senior Product Developer

Jeremy_KieferJeremy Kiefer has been residing in the San Francisco Bay Area and parts of Asia for about 16+ years and speaks English & Japanese. Jeremy has been dedicated to cycling for most of his life and 15+ years in his professional life. Jeremy has previously worked as the Product Developer for many pioneering EV and mobility companies. He also works closely with factories to manage QC and make products more eco-friendly.

Public Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/jeremykiefer

 Alex Hunt -Operations Director

Alex_HuntOver a decade of product logistics and warehouse management has afforded Alex the opportunity to work for established motorcycle firms and multiple EV start-up companies.  Overseeing and managing the supply chain of essential goods and services and focusing concentration on the Chinese market has brought Alex to a partnership with Top Secret EV, LLC

Public Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/alex-hunt/8b/a17/403